Shipping Policy

After the Buyer’s credit card payment has been authorized, ASK4Events will ship the Buyer their auction lot in the form of a Certificate from the Donor or a specific product. In some cases for reasons of convenience, speed and cost, the Donor will ship the Certificate or product directly. ASK4Events will attempt to ship your auction lot as soon as your credit card payment has been received. Although in most cases the auction lot will come in the form of a Certificate, you acknowledge that the amount of your Winning Bid does not necessarily include the costs of delivery for a large product like a new vehicle. In these instances you may be required to pay additional charges for insurance, packaging and delivery. Any additional charges will be notified to you by and agreed in advance with ASK4Events.

You must provide a valid delivery address and a signature may be required upon delivery. Damages to or loss of the Goods during transit are not the responsibility of ASK4Events.

In the event that delivery does not occur for whatever reason, you agree that your sole remedy will be to receive a refund of any payment received by ASK4Events from you in respect of the Winning Bid and, if paid in advance by you, any costs paid for delivery.

Return Policy

Goods bought at an ASK4Events’ Auction are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, save as set out in the paragraph dealing with Refund and Exchange of Goods. ASK4Events cannot guarantee the condition or suitability of the Goods or the fitness of the Goods for their stated purpose.

You acknowledge that the Goods may differ slightly from the photographic images displayed on this website.

You acknowledge that all information that is provided as a description of each of the Goods is reproduced by ASK4Events in good faith and is consistent with information supplied to ASK4Events. As such, ASK4Events cannot be held responsible for inaccurate or misleading product descriptions. ASK4Events shall refund the amount of the Winning Bid or request that the Donor exchange Goods that are shown to be defective.

ASK4Events shall have the right to substitute Goods of a similar description and standard if for any reason the relevant Goods are no longer available.

ASK4Events shall refund the amount of the Winning Bid or request that the Donor exchange Goods that are shown to be defective within the meaning set out in section 3 of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 Part 1. In order to be considered for a refund or exchange of Goods, you must notify ASK4Events in writing of the relevant defect within 30 days of the Goods having been sent by ASK4Events to you.

You agree that your sole remedy for any deemed misrepresentation of the Goods will be to receive a refund of any payment made by you for the Goods and, (if applicable) the cost of delivery. However, such repayments shall only be made in the case of a materially significant misrepresentation and provided the Goods have not been used by you. Notice of such misrepresentation must be received by ASK4Events within 14 days of receipt by you of the Goods following which we will contact you to discuss repayment and return of the Goods to us.

You acknowledge and agree that you will not be entitled to either a refund of the amount of the Winning Bid, or an exchange of Goods, in the event that you should decide that you no longer want the Goods.

You acknowledge that certain of the Goods may contain specific refund or warranty conditions which will be included in the description of the Goods prior to each Auction and may legally bind you.